Snapchat Launches v5.0 “Banquo” With Updated GUI And New Features

on June 7, 2013 | Snapchat | Comments (0)

Snapchat, the application which allows you send photos and videos that automatically erase themselves has had a major update today which gives users a whole new GUI and some new features.

The most noticeable changes of this latest version, dubbed ”Banquo” includes:

  • Swipe Navigation from your inbox, to the camera, friends list, then add new friends screen
  • Double Tab on an opened snap to reply
  • More transparency on the camera screen
  • The option to save your own photos to your camera roll (after taking a photo on the camera screen)
  • View profiles in-app instead of the browser
  • Speed and Design Improvements (more colourful app background images)
  • A new interface to add, search and find friends

Whilst many speculate Snapchat is mainly used for ‘sexting’, the service is now sending over 150 million snaps a day - making this interface refresh useful for the growing user-base.


What I have also noticed, which I am not sure if a bug or a new design – the Snapchat icon now has a blank white face.

Old Snapchat iOS icon / New without facial features

Old Snapchat iOS icon / New without facial features

However the official Snapchat website still has the full faced logo and no mention of a change. Sometimes app developers have icon issues when uploading a new update to the App Store (which may be corrected with a subsequent update).

Update: Snapchat have confirmed via their blog that the new icon without the face is correct.

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