Snapchat Reaches 166 Million Daily Active Users

on May 15, 2017 | Snapchat | Comments (0)

Snapchat announced during the latest earnings call their Social Networking Photo application has reached 166 million daily active users.

Growth wasn’t as strong as investors have hoped, as Snapchat competes with Instagram who often copy their features and now have 700 million monthly users.

Still an average user on Snapchat spends over 20 minutes per day on the app, which is rather high engagement and use in general.

As we’ve seen Instagram roll out their stories product, it may not have necessarily taken users away from Snapchat – but it has slowed up Snapchat’s growth.

I think as long as Snapchat can continue to add new users every quarter – they are in a decent position. In my monthly social media reports you will notice most networks have a stagnant or falling users base, so for Snapchat to grow in the Facebook/ Instagram dominated social media space is a good effort on Snapchat’s part.

In terms of active users in Australia – Snapchat previously said they have 4 Million Daily Active Users In Australia. This is a great number of users for this highly competitive landscape and makes Snapchat a more popular product than Twitter.

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