Social Media Statistics Australia, April 2011

Ok so it’s that time of the month again to have a look at the most popular Social Media and Networking websites in Australia.

For your information you can find all the monthly statistics I am collating on my Social Media Statistics page.

Also, should you be interested – you can check out the figures for March. For your information I closely monitor the Google Adplanner stats available and this month it seems there has been a considerable movements in figures across the board.

Regardless I will collate the statistics and you can draw your own conclusions from the data;

1. Facebook – 12 million Unique Australian Visitors (UAVs) per month
2. Youtube – 10 million UAVs / mo
3. Blogspot – 4.5 UAVs / mo
4. WordPress – 2.4 million UAVs / mo
5. Twitter – 2 million UAVs / mo
6. LinkedIn – 1.8 million UAVs / mo
7. Flickr – 1.5 million UAVs / mo
8. MySpace – 1.1 million UAVs / mo
9. Tumblr – 820,000 UAVs / mo
10. Digg – 200,000 UAVs / mo
11. StumbleUpon – 170,000 UAVs / mo
12. Reddit – 100,000 UAVs / mo
13*. Foursquare 77,000 UAVs / mo
14. Delicious – 68,000 UAVs / mo
15*. Gowalla 9,500 UAVs / mo

As you can see, compared to March figures there has been a noticeable increase in most figures.

*Foursquare traffic continues to rise which is a considerable amount of traffic considering Foursquare (and Gowalla) are not a social networking sites, they are mobile geo-location applications.

Interesting to note that this month LinkedIn Australia said they now have 2 million registered members in Australia. I have always had the suspicion that a fair amount of these users are dormant, and by the unique number of Australian visitors going to the LinkedIn site every month (1.8 million) it seems this assumption may have some merit. Of the 1.8 million ‘visitors’ not all would have an actually account with LinkedIn. You could say the website has a high level of ‘churn rate’, which other Social Media sites, like Twitter has as well. They are finding many users signing up to the site, but often after a short period of time no longer continue using the service.

Stats courtesy Google Adplanner Tool.

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