Social Media Statistics Australia – August 2011

It that time of the month again where we collate our monthly Social Media statistics showing the most popular social networking sites in Australia.

This month and moving forward we will also be reporting Google Plus user numbers in Australia, even if it’s only an estimate at this stage.

When collating these statistics we look at actual user numbers if possible, or the number of Unique Australian Visitors Per Month visiting the site (UAVs / mo). We have also detailed next to each social network the change from the previous month, either an increase, decrease or no change in user numbers.

Social Media Statistics Australia – August 2011

1. Facebook – 10,528,220 users in Australia (up 91,360)
2. Youtube – 10 million UAVs / mo (up 200,000)
3. Blogspot – 4.7 UAVs / mo (up 1,00,000)
4. – 2 million UAVs / mo (down 100,000)
5. LinkedIn – 2 million UAVs / mo (steady)
6. Twitter – 1.8 million UAVs / mo (down 100,000)
7. Flickr – 1.3 million UAVs / mo (down 200,000)
8. Tumblr – 1 million UAVs / mo (down 500,000)
9. MySpace – 920,000 UAVs / mo (down 10,000)
10. Google Plus – 362,500 UAVs / mo (calculation here)
11. StumbleUpon – 150,000 UAVs / mo (steady)
12. Digg – 100,000 UAVs / mo (down 40,000)
13. Reddit – 100,000 UAVs / mo (steady)
14*. Foursquare 57,000 UAVs / mo (down 6,000)
15. Delicious – 43,000 UAVs / mo (down 16,000)
16*. Gowalla – no data, May 2011 was 9,500 UAVs / mo

Compared to July, the most noticeable changes are Tumblr dropping 500,000 (after a big increase the month before). It will be interesting to note the stats for Tumblr in September as the Adplanner tool does jump around sometimes.

We are now including an estimate of Google Plus users in Australia – all other social networks remain relatively steady, with Facebook still growing in Australia. According to, between July and August 91,360 new Australian’s have signed up to Facebook.

* Mobile Applications with significant website presence

Stats courtesy and Google Adplanner Tool

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