Social Media Statistics Australia – December 2012

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January 1, 2013 – a new year, a fresh start. Happy New Year to all.

To keep our stats moving along we will briefly report our latest social media statistics for Australia showing the most popular social networks over December 2012.

As the December/ January period in Australia is summer holidays we are seeing a slight shift in social media use – less business and more personal use.

We are now using data from reputable web analytics firms Quantcast and Comscore as they seem to have more accurate info than the Google Adplanner tool (which has been retired for non Google sites).

Every month we measure the stats in the following order of importance: 

1. Number of Active Australian users going to that particular social network each month.
2. Number of Unique Australian Visitors (UAVs) going to that social network each month
3.  Total Australian User numbers reported by that particular social network (not necessarily active users).

Social Media Statistics Australia – December 2012

1. Facebook – 11,808,360 (from 11,755,640) Australian users/accounts (up 52,720).
2. YouTube – 11,000,000 UAVs (steady)
3. Blogspot – 3,500,000 (steady)
4. Tumblr – 3,200,000 (up 100,000)
5. – 2,500,000 (down 500,000)
6. LinkedIn – 2,100,000 (down 400,000)
7. Twitter – 2,114,000 Active Australian Users (steady, see previous calculation).
8. Instagram - 1,175,000 Active Australian Users  (steady, see previous calculation).
9. Flickr – 820,000 (up 40,000)
10. Pinterest – 650,000 (up 20,000)
11. Google Plus – approx 377,500 (steady, see previous calculation).
12. MySpace – 340,000 (down 10,000)
13. Yelp – 220,000 (up 20,000)
14. Reddit – 150,000 (steady)
15. StumbleUpon – 100,000 (steady)
16. Foursquare – 55,000 (up 2,000)
17. Digg – 45,000 (down 5,000)
18. Delicious – 30,000 (steady)

* All figures above are UAVs unless otherwise stated. If figures unavailable, previous months figures are used.

Key Points to note:

  • Facebook is still growing in Australia, with around 52,000 people signing up in December.
  • LinkedIn has seen a significant drop in December. This is fairly standard from previous years as Australia goes on summer holidays and leaves work for the new year.
  • WordPress has also seen a drop in traffic, I suspect as business bloggers are again on holidays and not logging into their site or reading other blogs.
  • Tumblr on the other hand which is more of a visual and informal blog tool has seen an increase in users as we are on holidays and not in work mode but looking up content for fun.

Feel free to share and post our stats on your site – please note Creative Commons License CC BY-ND 3.0 in use.

Stats courtesy: Quantcast, Comscore, Google Ad Planner tool, Google Trends, Google Insights, Facebook Self-Serve advertising tool /
Figures correct as of 31/12/12.


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