Social Media Statistics Australia – July 2016

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In July we saw US telco giant Verizon purchase most of Yahoo! Inc in a $4.8 Billion USD deal.

In terms of social media news in Australia – July was a quiet month. Regardless, today we post our social media statistics report showing the most popular social networks in Australia over the month.

Social Media Statistics Australia – July 2016

1. Facebook – 15,000,000 users (steady)
2. YouTube – 14,400,000 UAVs
3. – 5,500,000
4. Instagram – 5,000,000 Monthly Active Australian Users (Facebook/ Instagram data)
5. Tumblr – 4,200,000
6. LinkedIn – 3,450,000
7. Twitter – 2,800,000 Monthly Active Australian Users approx (see calculation)
8. WhatsApp – 2,400,000 Active Australian Users (see calculation)
9. TripAdvisor – 2,400,000
10. Snapchat – 2,000,000 approx Monthly Active Australian Users (see calculation)
11. Tinder – 2,000,000 Australian users (my estimation)
12. Blogspot- 1,900,000
13. Yelp – 1,600,000
14. Flickr – 550,000
15. Pinterest – 290,000
16. Reddit – 100,000
17. MySpace – 80,000
18. Google Plus – 60,000 monthly active Australian users approx (my estimation *revised*)
19. StumbleUpon – 40,000
20. Foursquare/Swarm – 15,000
21. Digg – 13,000
22. Delicious – 10,000
23. Periscope – 9,500

(All figures represent the number of Unique Australian Visitors [UAVs] to that website over the monthly period – unless otherwise stated above).

Key Points to Note:

  • What do we consider a Social Network? A large mainstream brand that is built around user generated content, allows others users to connect with and follow users, and importantly the networks allow open discussion of topics. For example – that is why we consider YouTube as part of this list.
  • Whilst LinkedIn recently announced they have 433 million members worldwide, only 105 million unique members goto the site each month, i.e. one quarter of their member base is a monthly active user.
  • Most other networks remain fairly static in terms of user numbers. YouTube sees a slight increase.

Contribute data – Do you have any of your own research from your work or social media agency than can help us with our Australian stats? Feel free to contact us and share your information.

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Statistics compiled by for July 2016.

Stats and research courtesy: Vivid Social. Figures correct as of 31/07/16.

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