Social Media Statistics Australia – June 2024

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June 2024 – Readers please note: On the 1st of every month we post a new social media report, the below report is not our latest figures. Please see here the most up to date report.

Now that Elon Musk has full control over Twitter, which has now been renamed to X – we have actually seen user growth to the platform with 250 million + monthly active users, globally.

Social Media users in Australia are some of the most active in the world, with a total of around 60% of the country’s population an active user on Facebook, and 50% of the country logging onto Facebook at least once a day Google tried to compete with Facebook but never made significant progress to attract a large and active audience. They did have a security issue where user data was exposed and the incident was kept quiet for several months. As a result Google Plus has been shut down. This isn’t entirely surprising as this social network never really gained traction in Australia.

Video is also a very popular medium in Australia with around 18 million Australian visitors to the YouTube website every month.

Social Media Statistics Australia – June 2024

1. Facebook – 19,000,000 Monthly Active Australian Users (steady)
2. YouTube – 18,000,000 Unique Australian Visitors per month (UAVs)
3. WhatsApp – 12,000,000 Active Australian Users
4. Instagram – 10,000,000 Monthly Active Australian Users (FB/ Instagram data)
5. LinkedIn – 6,500,000 Monthly Active Australian Users approx
6. Snapchat – 6,400,000 Monthly Active Australian Users (Snapchat data)
7. X, formerly Twitter – 6,000,000 Monthly Active Australian Users approx
8. – 5,100,000
9. TikTok – 4,200,000
10. Tinder – 4,000,000 Australian users approx
11. Tumblr – 2,700,000
12. WeChat – 2,900,000 Monthly Active Australian Users approx – (my estimation)
13. TripAdvisor – 2,800,000
14. Yelp – 1,500,000
15. Blogspot- 1,200,000
16. Hinge – 1,000,000
17. Flickr – 450,000
18. Pinterest – 290,000
19. Reddit – 110,000
20. MySpace – 70,000
21. RenRen – 70,000 Monthly Active Australian Users approx – (my estimation)
22. StumbleUpon – 39,000
23. Weibo – 35,000 Monthly Active Australian Users approx – (my estimation)
24. Digg – 10,000
25. Foursquare/Swarm – 9,000
26. Periscope – 9,000
27. Delicious – 7,000

*Google Plus has been shut down worldwide*

Stats Source: Vivid Social – Social Media Agency.

(All figures represent the number of Unique Australian Visitors [UAVs] to that website over the monthly period – unless otherwise stated above. Facebook Data includes users of desktop, mobile, application and messenger services).

Australian Facebook Users As A Percentage Of The Total Population

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics Population Clock there are now approximately 27 million Australians.

Facebook’s recent data shows there are now 19 million active Australians on Facebook. Therefore approximately 70% of the total Australian population is an active Facebook user. This is a huge number.

Facebook Demographics in Australia

Age Bracket                                   Number of Users*

13 – 17                                            1,100,000
18 – 25                                            3,500,000
25 – 39                                            6,300,000
40 – 55                                            4,300,000
55 – 64                                            1,700,000
65+                                                  1,500,000

*approx numbers of total users, not all necessarily active over the last month

Penetration of the Australian Population


  • 6 in 10 Australians use Facebook
  • 1 in 2 Australians uses Facebook on a daily basis
  • 1 in 2 Australians use YouTube
  • 1 in 3 Australians use Instagram
  • 1 in 4 Australians use Snapchat

Global Stats of Interest

  • Facebook Monthly Active Users (Worldwide) – 2.98 billion
  • Facebook Daily Active Users (Worldwide) – 1.23 billion
  • Instagram Monthly Active Users (Worldwide) – 600 million
  • Instagram Daily Active Users (Worldwide) – 500 million
  • LinkedIn Registered Users (Worldwide) – 467 million
  • Snapchat Daily Active Users (Worldwide) – 161 million

Key Points to Note:

  • TikTok has seen a quick rise in Australia, particularly amongst the age group of 13-17 years old.
  • Instagram has re-introduced the Likes for photos in Australia after high demand. This feature is optional.
  • Due to a security flaw, user data being exposed and overall small user update – Google Plus has been shut down.
  • Snapchat has grown significantly in Australia and now has 6.4 million monthly active users and 4.5 million daily active users in Australia.
  • Approximately 50% of the Australian population logs into Facebook on a daily basis.
  • WhatsApp has close to 10 million active users in Australia
  • Tier 2 and 3 networks such as Flickr, Pinterest, Google Plus, StumbleUpon whilst have more popularity in the US, have not caught mainstream use in Australia. As a result, Google Plus was shut down worldwide.
  • A large proportion of the Chinese community in Australia use Chinese social media tools like WeChat, RenRen and Weibo and these networks are growing.
  • LinkedIn now reports there are 10 million + registered users in Australia. According to our research – just over half of this number log in every month.

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Statistics compiled by for June 2024. Source: Vivid Social - Social Media Agency. Figures correct as of 30/06/24.

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