Social Media Statistics Australia – March 2011

Earlier in the year I reported the Australian Social Media statistics for January, detailing the largest and most popular social networking sites and the amount of traffic they are attracting.

I thought it would be a good idea to do this again and every month moving forward.

As per my previous article – I think the most important measurement is the Unique Australian Visitors (UAVs) per month these social sites capture. Looking over the past month – I have also detailed if there has been an increase or decrease in visitors for the sites compared to the January figures.

1. Facebook – same as last reporting, 9.8 million Unique Australian Visitors (UAVs) per month (steady)

2. Youtube – 6.1 UAVs / mo (decrease by 700,000)

3. Blogspot – 2.4 UAVs / mo (increase by 200,000)

4. Twitter – 1.1 million UAVs / mo (increase by 100,000)

5. WordPress – 1 million UAVs / mo (increase by 80,000)

6. LinkedIn – 1 million UAVs / mo (increase by 240,000)

7. Flickr – 680,000 UAVs / mo (increase by 50,000)

8. MySpace – 510,000 UAVs / mo (decrease by 120,000)

9. Tumblr – 38 0,000 UAVs / mo (increase by 30,000)

10. Digg – 100,000 UAVs / mo (decrease by 10,000)

11. StumbleUpon – 93 ,000 UAVs / mo (decrease by 1,000)

12. Reddit – 57,000 UAVs / mo (steady)

13. Delicious – 43,000 UAVs / mo (decrease by 9,000)

14*. Foursquare (whilst not a social networking site, as it’s a mobile application – 39,000 UAVs visited the site over the past month, which is a considerable amount of traffic for the type of application it is.

As you can see Youtube has had fair drop in traffic and MySpace continues to fall substantially.

Are there any other social networks I should be paying attention to? If you have any suggestions please do let me know, or if you can assist with more detailed stats.

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Stats/Data courtesy – Google DoubleClick Ad Planner Tool.

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