Social Media Statistics Australia – November 2012

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Below is our report looking at the most popular social networks in Australia over November 2012.

We are starting to reach saturation point in Australia – where most social networks are no longer in hypergrowth stage and user growth is either slow, static or declining.

Google has retired the Google Adplanner tool for most sites and therefore we are using stats from reputable web analytics firms Quantcast and Comscore.

Every month we measure the stats in the following order of importance: 

1. Number of Active Australian users going to that particular social network each month.
2. Number of Unique Australian Visitors (UAVs) going to that social network each month
3.  Total Australian User numbers reported by that particular social network (not necessarily active users).

Social Media Statistics Australia – November 2012

1. Facebook – 11,755,640 Australian users/accounts (up 255,640).
2. YouTube – 11,000,000 UAVs (steady)
3. Blogspot – 3,500,000 (down 200,000)
4. Tumblr – 3,100,000 (up 200,000)
5. – 3,000,000 (up 100,000)
6. LinkedIn – 2,500,000 (up 100,000)
7. Twitter – 2,114,000 Active Australian Users (steady, see previous calculation).
8. Instagram - 1,175,000 Active Australian Users  (see calculation below).
9. Flickr – 780,000 (down 20,000)
10. Pinterest – 630,000 (down 20,000)
11. MySpace – 350,000 (down 40,000)
12. Google Plus – approx 377,500 (steady, see previous calculation).
13. Yelp – 200,000 (steady)
14. Reddit – 150,000 (steady)
15. StumbleUpon – 100,000 (steady)
16. Digg – 50,000 (steady)
17. Foursquare – 53,000 (steady)
18. Delicious – 30,000 (steady)

* All figures above are UAVs unless otherwise stated. If figures unavailable, previous months figures are used.

Facebook in Australia

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) the Australian population is 22,826,395 (as of 30 Nov 2012).

Facebook has 11,755,640 Australian users.

This means approximately 51.5%  of the total Australian population is signed up to Facebook.

Over the last 4 months this figure has been around 50.4%.

Consider that those under 13 years of age are technically not allowed to use the service. This figure has been continuing to climb over 2012 and we expect further growth in 2013.

Instagram in Australia

Facebook has confirmed their site now has over 1 billion monthly active users. In comparison, Instagram has revealed recently their network has over 100 million monthly active users.

Looking at Facebook’s total user base of 1 billion, Australia makes up 1.175% of this.

For comparisons sake, lets say Instagram has the same percentage of Australian users as Facebook (1.175% of global user base). This means Instagram has approx 1,175,000 Australian users.

Key Points to note:

  • Facebook is still growing in Australia
  • Instagram is growing even faster
  • Tumblr has overtaken in Australia according to Quantcast.
  • With smaller social networks we continuing to see to see users walk away as they lose interest.

Feel free to share and post our stats on your site – please note Creative Commons License CC BY-ND 3.0 in use.

Stats courtesy: Quantcast, Comscore, Google Ad Planner tool, Google Trends, Google Insights, Facebook Self-Serve advertising tool /
Figures correct as of 30/11/12.

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