Social Media stats courtesy of Smash summit

Smash Summit was on yesterday, 12/5 in San Francisco- USA. The event discussed various social media marketing strategies, tools, campaigns and statistics used by online companies to find and retain customers on social, search, and mobile.

While not directly related to Australian Social Media there have been some great stats worth noting.

Twitter has 105,779,710 users. 300K new users per day. 600 million search queries per day. 175 employees.

– Salesforce thinks that their Youtube channel has the ROI equivalent of 35 super efficient sales reps

Facebook says sites that have added Like button have seen triple growth of fans

Stumbleupon 2010: 10 Million users, 115,000 Facebook fans, 600 Million stumbles/month, 1 Billion ratings, 45 Million URLs, 50,000 discovers/day

– Top 5 countries after the US for Facebook usage/traffic: UK, Indonesia, Canada, France, Turkey

– 70% of Facebook traffic comes from outside the US, 10% increase in the last year alone

– 37% of tweets originate from mobile devices

– Most of YouTube’s views are from videos older than 6 months old, invest in a content strategy.

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