Social Networking for Kids

A new Social Networking site for kids has launched,

Kidswirl has become one of the most popular Social Networking Sites for kids on the Internet today.

Unlike it’s competition, the Kidswirl philosophy is built around giving kids (ages 2-16) an experience that is similar to what their parents are experiencing on Facebook.

We have found that the upcoming generation of tech kids are desiring to emulate what they see their parents are doing online – rather than play with penguins. At Kidswirl we have designed our site around this philosophy. Kids have the opportunity to have a “Facebook like” experience in a safe – kid focused environment.

Kidswirl is currently working on a Beta site that will implement some of the most creative and sophisticated technology that any Social Network for Kids has ever seen. We have also committed to opening up our API so that outside developers are able to develop various applications for the Kidswirl Platform – similar to what the Facebook platform allows. We believe that we are on the cutting edge of Kids Social Networking – and we look forward to what the future holds!

Kidswirl Founder: Toby Clark
Location: Louisville, KY

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