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Copy Content – Get Penalised!

on November 17, 2011 | Blog | Comments (0)
Copy Content - Get Penalised!

One of the frustrations many bloggers face is their content being copied by other blogs and websites, without permission. The internet and its many tools allows for people to share and distribute content very easily, but with this comes several ways for people to steal your content automatically every time you post a new article. […]

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WordPress Permalinks, which is the best one to use?

on April 4, 2011 | WordPress | Comments (1)
Wordpress Permalinks, which is the best one to use?

While there is no hard and fast rule for which WordPress permalink setup you should use on your blog or website, there are several different options for your consideration and you should analyse which may be best for your site. WordPress offers several different options and variations to set your permalinks and of course you […]

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Are Infographs ruining the Internet?

on February 21, 2011 | Blog Social Media | Comments (0)
Are Infographs ruining the Internet?

In my opinion, No. More and more websites these days are displaying their data and content in a visual form, this no only entices readers and brings in new traffic, it also generates valuable backlinks from many other websites sharing your content. Here is an infograph from What do you think, are infographs ruining […]

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