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Video Blog: Social Media Weekly Recap 10-02-12

on February 10, 2012 | Video Blog | Comments (0)
Video Blog: Social Media Weekly Recap 10-02-12

Here is my latest video blog discussing the latest social media and technology news we have discussed over the past 2 weeks. Topics Discussed Facebook files for $5 Billion IPO Facebook – 845 Million Users Facebook – Zynga University of Newcastle – 6 Week Online e-Business Marketing Course What is Pinterest? Social Media Statistics Australia […]

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Facebook – Zynga

on February 9, 2012 | Facebook Zynga | Comments (0)
Facebook - Zynga

Facebook has just made an amendment to their filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). More importantly it reveals there is much more than meets the eye between Facebook and Zynga. Here is a summary of the update: Facebook wants to help Zynga build their social gaming platform on-top of the Facebook platform […]

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Zynga takes on the ‘real world’

on February 1, 2012 | Zynga | Comments (0)
Zynga takes on the 'real world'

I have a confession to make. I used to be addicted to FarmVille. I would spend hours every day planting and harvesting my crops, making my little avatar walk all around my plot. I would buy cottages, keep animals, and I had an orchard running the edge of my land. It was wonderful. And I […]

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