The Christmas Slowdown – Alexa Rank

on January 16, 2012 | Alexa | Comments (0)

Is your business impacted by the Christmas slowdown?

Mine is, and we are now starting to see things pick up.

I noticed in December my Alexa Rank crashed. Considering I am overly obsessed with my Alexa Rank this did send alarm bells ringing. I was checking all my stats programs, yep Google Analytics down – why arn’t as many people coming to my site, do you not care about Social Media News during the holiday period?

We were all actually so consumed in social media over Christmas that Facebook outranked Google as the worlds most popular website – no need for search, just social networking!

As you can see my Alexa rank totally tanked, I was starting to rank out of the top 100,000 websites and I was a little concerned.

Thankfully last week it looks like a good amount of the traffic has returned and this is shown in my daily Alexa Rank returning under 100,000.

Alexa Rank over the Christmas period
Have a look at your own business website, is Christmas a busy period for you or does things quiet off?

I spent much of the Christmas break planning for the year ahead and unfortunately some tedious admin work. But we are ready and raring for a big 2012 and are looking forward to a number of social media developments.

Also our goal is for a Alexa Rank consistently under 50,000. This is optimistic, we got to 53,000 before the Christmas slowdown.

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