Twitter ‘Promoted Trend’ Price Raised to $200,000 Per Day

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ltThe micro blogging giant, Twitter has yet again increased the price of their ‘Promoted Trend.’ Twitter has brought a straight rise of 33 percent in the pricing and price of the ‘Promoted Trend’ has been increased to $200,000 per day. Earlier the price for every ‘Promoted Trend’ was fixed at $150,000 per day.

Ever since the introduction of ‘Promoted Trend’ the price for a day’s advertisement has increased by a whopping 150 %, when compared with the initial pricing for the same. The program was launched in the year 2008 and was priced at $80,000 for a single day. It was designed to promoted businesses on their network to promote the interest of people in the brand/product.

The ‘Promoted Trends’ appear in Twitter Trend section which is right next to the Twitter user feeds, on the left. The ‘Promoted Trends’ are denoted by a special yellow arrow. The section is designed to deliver high value to the products and brands. As per Twitter, ‘Promoted Trend’ reaches millions of educated internet users and is thus, priced so high.

Twitter has raised the price of the ‘Promoted Trend’ many a times in the past four years and price rise has been quite steady. Though, ‘Promoted Trend’ section is not the only way to promote a brand/product on Twitter, there are many other ways in which Twitter allows product or brand promotion.  Other promotional techniques include, Promoted tweets, accounts, etc. Moreover, Twitter has a special section for Politics, which received crazy traffic during the last elections.  Thus, Twitter has a lot more ways to monetize on their users.

If Twitter continues to get at least one ‘Promoted Trend’ every day, the ‘Promoted Trend’ advertisement slot, alone would be generating $73 million in an year. This is indeed a huge revenue source for the company. The past practice of the network indicates that they are selling just one ad per day, to be posted in ‘Promoted Trend’ section. The network claims that the ‘Promoted Trend’ slot is visible to all the users and has a wide reach. Though, there are times when the ‘Promoted Trend’ slot doesn’t have a name under it.

Twitter has wide proclaimed their journey towards going public and all the efforts being put in place are an indicator that the social media giant is on its way to nine figure incomes in the year 2013. The newly announced ad management API and the increasing price of the ad slots are keeping the network in news for past several weeks.

The site is yet to work on its sales to get a good number of brands to adore their highly priced ‘Promoted Trend’ section. Current poor sales results can indicate that the section is not worthy of $200,000.

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