User Donations helping Reddit

Social Bookmarking Service, Reddit, has been in a spot of financial troubles lately and they asked their users if they could support the site with contributions.

This has been a success with Reddit after about 6000 members donated to their cause.

The donations will goto employing new staff and keeping the service reliable and online.

Users who donate are given a Gold badge next to their profile, and Reddit is considering a subscription model for more advanced user features. This is a good compromise between a free site and heavily ad supported.

It’s good to see the Reddit community has got behind the site to continue its viability.

Reddit is now owned by a major publishing company – Condé Nast, which also owns other publications such as GQ, Wired, Glamour, Vogue, and Ars Technica + more. However Condé Nast doesn’t seem to be willing to support Reddit past its financial expectations.

According to Compete – Reddit is very close to 1 million unique visitors per month and generating around 4 million page views a day.

In the advertising world, 4 million page views could equal alot of PPC/CPM earnings for Reddit but they clearly want to keep the site clear and uncluttered for its users.

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