What Is Wrong With The Official @TwitterAU Account?

on March 25, 2013 | Australia | Comments (1)


Every month I report the latest Australian Social Media Statistics based on figures freely available and estimations I use on global data.

When Twitter created an official Australian Twitter account – @TwitterAU – this was good news for many of us in the industry looking to find out more about how Twitter is actually going in Australia.

I was happy myself, I thought this is great – I will be able to confirm with Twitter how many Australian’s actually use Twitter now.

So I thought I’d send them a Tweet to ask… 🙂



Damn, they didn’t reply. So let’s try again:



Nope, still nothing. Keep trying David. So I decided to setup Hootsuite to ask them every day for a week.. Even on weekends.











I won’t keep embedding more Tweets, but as of today I have still been posting these message frequently – not everyday, but a couple times a week. Since mid February my followers and other interested users have Retweeted me many times and even asked Twitter to respond. After other users started complaining that Twitter don’t respond – they finally get back to us with this reply:



Great reply TwitterAU, very useful!

What I don’t understand here is that the media are interested in finding out more about Twitter in Australia – but they can’t even manage their own Twitter account. If you check their @ replies they are getting spammed by many users, but surely they can operate efficiently on their own platform?

Facebook Australia are happy to tell the media their figures.

Come on TwitterAU – share your numbers with the internet community in Australia.

I have now changed my posting schedule to post this update in the middle of the night Australia time, as I believe this Twitter account is still being managed from the US.

However, as of today – still no useful reply. Maybe I will keep trying, maybe I won’t.

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