When will we see this sort of Social Media advertising in Australia?

I received a tip recently from John Oates, Project Manager, Vayner Media in the US.

On July 1st, the start of NBA free agency, The Nets’ launched a 225 x 95 foot painted wall at the corner of 34th & 8th in NYC, just a few blocks from New York Penn Station, and more notably, Madison Square Garden (the home of the New York Knicks). The wall features Nets owner and Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov, and minority owner + hip hop legend Jay-Z.

The most relevant (for social media) aspect of the wall includes the presence of a line of text that states, “Check in with Gowalla to get a special item.” Here is a pic of the wall:


Now would something like this work in Australia for the NRL / AFL / Soccer or Cricket?

Maybe, maybe not.

I reported previous how Foursquare was starting to take off in Sydney, but not for sporting events.

This is an interesting piece from the US and while not related to Australia shows the impact Geo-location mobile apps like Gowalla are having in traditional media advertising.

Australia has one of the highest uptakes of social media use in the world so i would not be surprised if we started seeing promotions like this.

Considering Gowalla is based in Texas and Foursquare – New York, this is a big win for Gowalla getting some advertising in Foursquare’s back yard, so to speak.

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