Why having your LinkedIn profile at 100% Complete is so Important

on September 4, 2012 | LinkedIn | Comments (0)

If there is one place on the social web where you want customers, clients, and other prospects to check out your personal profile – this would be on LinkedIn (not Facebook or Twitter). According to our latest stats, 2.2 million Australian’s visit the LinkedIn website every month.

There is no doubt having a complete and professional profile will win you business and make you stand out from the crowd (really, it does).

LinkedIn made a tweak to their search algorithm a little while ago to give prominence in search results to profiles that are 100% complete.

Is your profile 100% complete? 

Login and view your profile, in the top right hand sidebar it should tell you how complete your profile it.

Why is this important?

If people are searching LinkedIn and your profile is at 100% completeness this has the potential to rank you above other users who haven’t fill out their profile  to the full extent.

The LinkedIn search algorithms also look for connections in common and groups in common when ranking search results.

So how do you get a 100% complete profile on LinkedIn?

1. Add a photo/ headshot
2. Add a profile headline (bio)
3. Claim your Custom Profile URL/ username
4. Added information about your last couple of jobs/ places of employment
5.  Have your summary field filled out
6. Added skills to your profile
7. Added specialties to your profile
8. Added your school, college or university education
9.  Have at least 50 connections

Doing all of this will allow you to get maximum exposure from other LinkedIn visitors viewing your profile and possibly contacting you. In my opinion, professional networks like LinkedIn are only getting more important.

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