Why Would A Google Executive Say Something This Low About Facebook?

on December 5, 2012 | Google | Comments (0)

A. Because they are burning with Jealousy 

Here is the quote from Google VP, Bradley Horowitz:

“We don’t have to make next week’s payroll based on jamming ads with users in an inappropriate way.” 

Bradley is commenting on how Facebook displays their ads to their users.

I found this astounding to hear – considering:

1. Google’s whole business is built and relies on displaying ads to users (95% + of their revenue).

2. Google has a significant history with social media failures.

3. Google has been saying they have 100 million active users for some time now and 400 million registered on Google Plus.

The truth is lots of people with YouTube, Gmail accounts etc are getting a Google Plus account created automatically and never use it.

This figure of 100 million active users hasn’t been updated for sometime. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have less users than 100 million and are just too embarrassed to say they have lost users.

4. YouTube is riddled with ads every where you look.

Thinking about this – would Larry Page and Sergey Brin really be on board with these sort of comments?

If you missed it, Business Insider held their Ignition 2012 conference and you can watch the full interview below:

(skip to 10 minutes 20 seconds to hear these comments).

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