Windows7 boosting IE market share in Australia?

It seems as more users are upgrading to Windows7 (or purchasing new PCs) we are starting to see an increase in market share for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser.

According to global web statistics company, Statcounter – 40% of us in Australia are now using a Windows7 PCs, and there seems to be strong growth month on month of people upgrading to W7.

Many people have complained about IE issues in the past, but with Windows7 running IE9 - in my opinion the browsing experience is excellent – the only thing I would like to see is Microsoft allowing additional plugins and addons (particularly web developer plugins).

As a result of the Windows7 update, we are seing IE9 usage increase considerably aswell, which makes total sense as IE9 is the default browser in the latest versions of Windows7.

Here is a graph from Statcounter showing the market share gain for Internet Explorer in Australia:

It will be interesting to follow this over the next couple months and see how the increased impact of Windows7/ IE9 impacts the browser marketing in Australia and worldwide.

Stats courtesy:

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