Yes – You Can Go Almost 1 Week Without Charging Your iPhone

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The iPhone has revolutionised mobile phones as we know it today – however one very common annoyance is having to charge the phone almost daily just to be able to use it.

The battery does drain fast, even on the latest iPhone 5 model. If you are a heavy user you may even need to charge the phone twice a day.

However you no longer have to worry about finding your closest charging point – mobile accessory retailers are creating cases with a backup battery built into the case.

At first I was reluctant about something like this, I thought it would be too bulky or might look strange, but my opinion has changed.

Today I am going to give you my review on the Power Jacket Case 4200mAh for iPhone 5 thanks to the team at MobileZap.

If you are a heavy phone users – whether you are playing games, watching videos, surfing the internet or just making a lot of phone calls – this case will give you the confidence your battery is not about to go flat.

The case has a 4200mAh internal battery which allows you to recharge your phone 3 times without having to plug into a power source. This is great if you are travelling or just expecting a big day or weekend of use.


LED indicators show you how much power the case has left.

If you need  to charge your phone simply press the “On” button located at the bottom right of the case.

It will then light up, indicating how much power is remaining in the case’s battery and will start charging your iPhone.

The case has 4 LED different indicators showing:

  • 100% charged
  • 75%
  • 50%
  • 25%

This is useful so you know how much power you have left. The case will then flash orange when the battery needs a recharge.

To recharge the case you can simply it into the regular iPhone charger.

I was able to fully recharge my phone 3 times before the case’s battery went flat.


USB out port means you can charge another iPhone or mobile phone with the external case.

What is also handy is that the case itself has a USB out port. So if your friend needs to charge their phone whilst you are out somewhere, all you need to do is plug in the cord and you can charge another phone. It’s not limited to just iPhones – you can charge any phone that has a USB charger.

Therefore you can actually charge 2 phones at the same time – or you could simply use the case as a portable battery.

I thought the overall thickness of the case would be a problem (it makes your iPhone about twice as thick as a phone with no case) – but it didn’t actually turn out to be an issue. The trade off of a slightly thicker phone, but much more usable and no more worrying about a flat battery.

Case thickness is not as much of a concern. You will appreciate the extra juice more.

Case thickness is not that much of a concern. You will more so appreciate the extra juice.

I would certainly recommend this case for busy professionals and CEO’s who need a much longer lasting battery from their iPhone.

The case itself is very study and strong. Most of the smaller iPhone cases I’ve used eventually fall apart – this case is made of much strong material and doesn’t look like it will deteriorate easily.

Another neat little feature is the case has a kickstand on the rear so you can easily watch movies or play games in landscape mode.

How did this case go for me? I was able to get about 5 days of moderate use from the case without having to plug into the wall charger. Imagine only having to ‘charge’ your iPhone once or twice a week?

For a cost of $52.49 AUD, I think this is well worth the convenience.

You can check out this case and many other iPhone 5 cases on the MobileZap website.

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