Here is my statement of ethics and policies.

My aim and goal of this website is to cover social media, technology and digital media news in relation to Australian topics and key global developments.

From time to time I receive gifts, products and money to write about a particular product. I will specifically detail this in the article/ blog post I write so everyone is aware. These are generally called sponsored posts.

I often speak in public forums – speeches, radio etc and I only accept paid arrangements.

I also run my own Social Media Agency and Consulting business.  Yes I like to work and earn money but this is my business and I will choose who I do business with.

I will often add my subjective opinion to a news piece, but do feel free to challenge me on my thoughts for everything I write. All views on this site are those of the author and no-one else.

I know you are a busy person (like me), and you come here to read about various social media subjects and I will give you my honest opinion and thoughts on these topics and discussions. If you come hang out with me in real life you will see I am just as honest and straight forward as I write on this website.

I believe the future of the internet is where people build up networks of trusted sources and authoritative contacts. I value these people very much, like to meet and network with people like this and appreciate your trust.