Social Media Agency Perth

Are you looking for a Social Media Agency in Perth?

We operate the largest social media news website in Australia and also run our own Social Media Agency with some of the most knowledgeable staff in the industry.

You may have looked at other Social Media Agencies, but not convinced by excessive pricing. We will tell you if your business is not suitable for Social Media Marketing. We won’t try sell our products if they won’t benefit the overall goals of business. It’s important to realise that Social Media will not simply generate more sales for your business – you need to look at it from the branding / marketing perspective first then understand how sales can result once you gain user trust.

Here at SocialMedia News and VividSocial we can help with the following:

social media tickSocial Media Marketing (SMM) – marketing of your brand through sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc

social media tick Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – getting your website to rank high in Organic Web Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

social media tick Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – using Pay Per Click (PPC) and Pay Per Impression (CPM) search engine advertising models.

social media tick Website creation – would you like a new website? We can build this for you, host it, and support it. We will make sure it is mobile compatible and secure. 

social media tick Website Hosting – do you need an advanced website hosting package?

social media tick Graphic and Logo Design – do you need a new logo, graphics or artwork?

social media tick Content Creation – Do you need help creating blog posts or creating content for your online channels?

social media tick Social Media Integration – do you want to further integrate your website with Social Media? We can help you dig real deep into social media website integration.

Don’t distract your online strategy by having several different suppliers and companies work on your different projects – we specifically cater to look after all your website, social media, seo, marketing and support needs without any headaches. 

social media stats All of our work is done to track the results achieved through the various online channels.

social media report Monthly Report provided to give you a recap and summary of the work done and progress. 

What next?

Please submit your details on the below form and if Social Media Marketing has the potential to work for your company – we will get back to you with further details  on our services and pricing – simply, contact us