10 Tips to Increase your Website Traffic

on July 7, 2011 | Social Media Traffic | Comments (0)

If you sell banner advertising on your website, the only sure way to make more money is to increase the traffic to your site – how obvious.

But what are the best ways you can increase your website traffic? Can you incorporate Social Media into your traffic generation strategies?

Here are some tips we have come up with to 10 Increase your Website Traffic

1. If you have a blog, make sure you are writing new articles every day. At least 3 articles per day will encourage traffic growth. The more the better, simple.

2. Start guest Blogging on other blogs to get your name out there and backlinks to your site.

3. Allow guest bloggers to post on your site, increased content will surly attract new users and the search engines

4. Use Social Media sites like Digg, StumbleUpon and Delicious. If done successfully these sites can send you a huge amount of Traffic, more than you could imagine!

5. Leverage your Facebook Fanpage. Facebook is an important marketing and branding tool for any online business. Push out interesting articles to your Fanpage to encourage users clicking through to your site.

6. Utilise Twitter traffic as many people on Twitter are looking for information and clicking links. I actually get a huge amount of traffic from Twitter as my niche of social media news works great on social media sites – who would have thought?

7. Join forums which discuss your niche/topic and leave your links in the signature area. This is useful for generating traffic and also building links and SEO.

8. Create video and make video Blogs. Video blogging is still under utilised and by doing this you are standing out from the crowd – people in your niche will generally watch your video even if they don’t particularly like your content.

9. Utilise Article directories. Similar to guest blogging if you write a good article for a high profile article directory and include links back to your site – you can get traffic and the backlinks will improve your SEO.

10. If you are looking to increase page impressions, split large articles over multiple pages. When a reader wants to read the next section of your site they will click ‘next page’ and this will surely increase your website impressions. All large news websites do this.

We hope these tips help increase your website traffic and if you have any for us please do share.

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