22% of Time Online Spent With Social Media

on July 19, 2010 | Social Media | Comments (1)

Over the last year, the rise of social media has grown at record speed.

And.. Australia still holds the number 1 spot of time spent on social media sites.

Other stats worth noting:

– average US worker spends almost 5.5 hours a month visiting social network sites from the office, either as personal or business use.

– Facebook is still the most popular social networking sites with a almost 500 million registered users. Twitter is in number 2 spot.

Other interesting facts from Nielson reports:

– 22% of the time spent online is linked to social media/networking sites.

-55% have at least one or more social networking profiles.

The most popular internet brands according to the research are:
– Wikipedia

Out of every top online brand (Google, MSN, Yahoo, Apple), Facebook has the highest amount of time spent on its site compared to these others.

Here is a table showing the most popular online brands and their reach:


Here is a graph showing the reach and usage stats by Country – Australia still has highest usage:


It’s worth mentioning that the rise of Facebook has really helped achieve these high levels of social media usage around the world, and no doubt in Australia too.

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