3 Tips to Creating Interactive Web Design

If you are building a website these days, you want to create something compelling that gets visitors returning, and stands out from the crowd.

Quality web design is a crucial aspect of making a new website or blog, and we will give you some ideas how to make a good looking website.

1. Platform / CMS

If you are making a blog then we all know the best option for this is a self hosted WordPress install.

If you are building a company website and don’t want to use a blogging platform, then Content Management Systems like Drupal or Joolma are also good options and actually have their own blogging functionality should you want that.

2. Design/ Layout

There are several important designs aspects you need to take note of;

– Easy Navigation for all pages, not just the homepage. Some visitors might arrive from search engines and then want to access other areas of your site – make it easy for them.

– Easy to Read, make sure you are using standard text fonts and 2/3 of the page is dedicated to your actual content.

– SEO friendly, ensure that all your pages conform to search engine best practices for maximum organic traffic. Also ensure that search engines can easily crawl their way through your site.

– Page Speed/ Download, optimise your webpages for quickest download speeds for end users.

3. Content

Content would be the most important aspect of the website, this is what will drive in your readers, attract the search engines, and get them both coming back for more.

You homepage should give users a clear understanding of the topic being discussed. The About Us page is a more personal description of what you can do for them.

Some of your popular content pages will become landing pages for many visitors. It is important you check your website stats so you know your most popular landing pages, and optimise them for first time visitors and mamimising conversions.

We hope these tips help, and will have plenty more for you soon in an effort to build up your online presence.

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