5 Business Facebook Tips

on July 19, 2010 | Facebook Social Media | Comments (0)

Here are 5 tips most businesses can use to maximise their Facebook experience.

1. Create A Facebook Fan Page

Having a fan page is another portal for your visitors to get information on your business/service/product. You can add applications, newsletters, photos, events and promote them to your network on Facebook. When someone becomes a fan of your page your updates will show up on their news feed on their wall giving you additional exposure.

2.  Use the Extras

Facebook has so many different applications be it social or business related. You can plan events and have people RSVP you, create job listings for your company, upload video, create polls and so on.

3.  Join Groups That Relate to Your Business

There are many different sorts of Groups on Facebook.  LinkedIn has only a small percentage of users actively involved in the Groups or Answers sections of the site so using the Groups on Facebook to ask answers and get information generally gets more exposure and response in my opinion. You are also able to create your own group in which you become the ‘boss’ – another great channel to network with like-minded individuals.

4.  Get Answers

Ask questions on relevant Facebook Groups – this is starting to seem like a more useful tool thank LinkedIn answers.

5.  Build a Portal

Your website should be the main place your users connect with you on social platforms.  Make sure you have links to your Facebook fan page and any other social networks relevant to your business.  If desired put your fan page on your business cards.  You have to advertise your page in order to build your following. Many large businesses channel their whole media campaign into Facebook fan pages these days.

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