5 Tips to build up your Email List

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One thing that is still very much relevant in today’s internet marketing is building a high quality email list.

For a long time I wasn’t really interested in building my email list – I thought email marketing was a thing of the past and just concentrated on SEO and Social. How wrong I was.

Looking at my Google Analytics a lot of people visit the site every day from the Daily Email Subscription I offer. Over the month about 10% of visitors to the site come from this email subscription.

So concentration on building your Email Lists is important.

5 tips to build your Email Subscribers:

1. Pick an Email Marketing provider

I use The thing I like about MailChimp is you can get a free account with up to 2000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month. Your account will always be free if you stay on this plan, and if you exceed these limits they have very reasonable pricing.

Also MailChimp are experts in mail delivery and have sophisticated systems in place so your email send-outs don’t go to junk folders (most of the time).

2. Give your Readers something for subscribing

One area I’m looking to move into is creating E-Books in return for getting new subscribers.

Can you give your readers a virtual gift in return for them subscribing to your email list? This will most certainly entice sign-ups.

3. Run a Facebook Competition

You might have a lot of Facebook fans, why not get them to move across to also become email subscribers.

Fact is every time you post a Facebook status update this is only reaching a small % of your total fanbase. Having them on an email list is another great way to connect with your fans.

There are many applications that can capture an email address on Facebook competitions. I use myself.

4. Create Different lists for Different purposes

When you get someone signing up, the last thing you want them to do is unsubscribe after the first email you send them.

Therefore it is important you create specific lists for specific purposes. I have email lists for Daily, Monthly updates and also Social Media Events. This makes sure you are targeting a specific list more effectively and only giving them the information they signed up for.

5. Add Email Widgets to your site/ Social Media accounts

Add email widgets to your site and blog to encourage people signing up. Make them prominent and consistent. I have email sign-ups at the top, middle and bottom of every page, which is done in a subtle manner but still gets good use.

Also on my Twitter account I added a link in my bio to direct users to the monthly email signup form. This is already getting a few extra people signing up to the list.

Don’t underestimate the power of an email list – get building and.. 

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