5 Ways to Improve your Blog Writing

on December 7, 2011 | Blog | Comments (0)

There are now a couple hundred million blogs online today, and this has allowed us to create a huge amount of content effortlessly, I’ll be first to admit the writing quality has certainly depreciated.

So how can you improve your blog writing skills? We explain 5 tips below.

1. Write Regularly – Consistency is the Key

If you write often this will improve your skills to create content and also improve your general english, understanding of grammar and spelling. If your blog is on a popular niche, aim to write posts every week day, so you are keeping up with your competition and remaining relevant.

2. Edit and Proof Read every Blog Post

After writing a blog post it is sometimes easy to just his Publish without reading over the article properly. For every article you make, either save it as a draft – come back shortly and proof read it.

Otherwise sometimes it’s handy to Preview the article (checking out how the article would look live, without making it live). This format works better for me and I pick up mistakes much easier.

3. Read High Profile/ Professional Blogs

Look at the best blogs in your niche – even blogs by large media groups. What makes these blogs so good? What makes that particular blog post so good?
It is the writers? The content they have added?

List all the reasons about what makes them so good and see if you can incorporate some of their winning ideas into your blog.

4. Read about Writing and Content Creation

Read articles about what makes a great journalist – read articles on how to create quality content quickly. Blogging is so dynamic  and there are so many unique ideas out there about how to improve your skills, get out there and read up.

How good you want to be depends on the amount of time you are willing to put into learning.

5. Ask your Readers for Feedback

If you know other bloggers in your space, ask them for feedback on your blog.

Also from time to time don’t be afraid to throw out questions to your readership. Including them in the future direction of the blog is a great way to cerement their visitor loyalty.

At the end of the day, how do we become better bloggers and writers? Practice, practice, practice.

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