6 downfalls of the official Twitter iPhone app

on May 23, 2010 | iPhone Twitter | Comments (0)

So Twitter has recently launched their own mobile applications for the iPhone, BlackBerry and Android coming soon.

However the app may not be all that good, there seem to be a couple areas it doesn’t stack up.

1. The app does not let you do the old style of ReTweet – RT

2. Limited Icon customisation. If you want shortcuts to your Direct Messages and @ Replies, you can’t alter the standard menu!

3. It takes to many clicks to get to your custom lists.

4. The App Icon for Twitter is the same app associated when you open a brand new Twitter account – and icon all spammers use – leaves a bad taste in your mouth!

5. There is no iPad version of the Twitter app, Why not??

6. When you log to Twitter for iPhone it does not give you numerical values on new updates, @ replies, DMs etc – it just says you have new unread content. Many other apps give you number figures on what you haven’t read.

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