7 Tips to increase Blog Traffic

on July 11, 2011 | Blog Traffic | Comments (2)

So you have been busy building up your blog and looking for new tips and tactics to get more traffic to your site.

Here are 10 great tips to increase the traffic going to your blog:

1. Content

First up, you need to make sure your blog has sufficient content. If you blog about a particular topic you need to make sure you are fully covering that topic so your readers are satisfied by the information your site provides.

If you have visitors coming to your site, but you are missing lots of details about a particular subject you will look amateur and your visitors will go elsewhere.

2. Submit your site to Blog Search Engines and Ping Services

The best would be Google Blog Search, but there are numerous blogging search engines out there. Submit your site to as many as possible as every new visitors is valuable to you.

3. Guest Blogging

Contact other blog owners in your space and see if they will allow you to be a guest blogger on their site. In your article point a couple links back to your site so readers can find more information about you if they wish.

If you are also looking to grow content on your own site, consider allowing guest bloggers onto your blog to help you build new posts and articles.

4. Comment on other Blogs

Comment on other blogs within your niche and leave your URL in the blog comment URL field. If you do this enough you will get a good amount of targeted traffic flowing through to your site.

5. New Content Frequency

If you are serious about blogging you need new content going on your blog daily. You could exclude weekends and take a break there, but during the week and business hours you need new quality content being posted frequently. I’d say at least 2 articles per week day minimum to get any sort of growth from your blog.

6. Write strong, blog orientated articles

Your site may consist of several short and medium length articles. Make sure you write some long, descriptive articles about the main topics in your space. This will help the search engines find you when people are looking for general information on your subject matter. It should also reduce your bounce rate if you have ‘tutorial’ type articles on your site.

7. Incorporate Social Media

There is a lot of traffic to be had from social media sites. For any blog owner – using social media marketing is an important aspect of traffic generation.

We hope you can use these tips to increase the traffic to your blog. If you have any tips to share with us – do let us know.

David Cowling :

Editor and Founder of I also run a Social Media Agency where I do consulting work and another blog dedicated to Instagram news. Connect with me: Twitter | LinkedIn | Google + or contact me here. Alternatively, you can send me an email at

  • Hey David,

    Great article, but I've got a few questions & points:

    1. Can you give some examples of the best blog submission websites? (i.e. Technorati, Bloghub etc.)

    2. I agree that frequent posting is necessary for blog growth, but personally I feel that blogs that post *too* much can be detrimental as well. I like to be on top of the blogs I read and if there are too many articles at one time I am turned off. A great example of a fantastic blog is, who only update with one solid post two to three times a week.

    That's my two cents. But again, great article! 🙂

  • Hi Patrick,

    1. I think the best blog search engines/ ping services would be:

    – Google Blog Search

    – Technorati

    – IceRocket

    – Ping-o-Matic

    – PinGoat

    WordPress settings allow you to update your ping list to get the job done automatically, however using the above services can still help – especially if you are on a different blogging platform.

    2. I agree with your comment about posting frequency. It really depends on your current aims for the Blog. I am a big fan of Social Media Examiner – it's a quality brand and all the posts they do are top notch.

    Then on the other hand – you have more mainstream blogs that post more frequently, but shorter articles keeping you up to date with the news.

    For myself, I am still in 'build mode' (14 months on) and there is a clear correlation between my posting frequency/ how much love I am getting from the search engines/ and visitors. My overall aim at the moment is growth, but of course I want to make sure I am satisfying my current visitors. I don't expect one single person to be interested in every article – if I can provide some useful information to you a couple times per week I think I am doing my job.