AdMob May 2010 Mobile Metrics Report released, Android Apple battle

on July 1, 2010 | Admob Android iPhone | Comments (0)

Google’s Admob have released their May Mobile metrics report giving the latest information on mobile operating system market shares.

The main fight is between Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems.

Apple is the clear leader at the moment but Android is making some significant gains.

In terms of mobile ad requests, Apple is leading worldwide with 30% market share and Nokia in second place with 23%.

Each have strengths in different markets. Apple clearly leads in the US, while Nokia in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe.

The below graph illustrates the ad market share of the mobile operating systems:


In terms of smartphone operating systems – Apple once again holds the highest market share, however Android is making significant gains and fast growth.


67% of Android devices are in the US, whilst less than half of Apple’s iOS devices are in the US.

It’s clear Apple has penetrated markets outside of the US better than Android so far, but that could be because Apple has had a slight head start.

All the major mobile operating systems are fighting to keep developers on their platform. Apple has 30% of ad impressions and have paid over $1 billion to developers in revenue over the past 2 years. Apple users are more likely to purchase paid apps than any other mobile operating system.

Android however is making inroads with lots of developers also creating products on their platform.

Below if the full Admob May report for your viewing which also includes information in smaller places in the smartphone market such as Symbian OS, RIM OS, Windows Mobile OS, WebOS

It will be interesting to monitor these Admob reports over the coming months as the battle between iOS and Android continues.

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