Another day at Microsoft analysing tech market acquisitions

on May 17, 2010 | Microsoft | Comments (0)

Many say Microsoft has been the most successful company in history. In both where they started out and what they have achieved today, not to mention how Bill Gates helps 3rd world countries through the Gates Foundation.

Microsoft CFO Peter Klein notes that more and more tech deals are coming to the table now that the market is slowly recovering.

Microsoft has around $39.7 billion in cash and short-term investments and makes dozens of smaller deals each year generally under $250 million. But Mr Klein said the company was unlikely to do a huge acquisition two years after it failed to secure Yahoo for $47.5 billion.

‘They are very hard to do’, Peter mentioned.

Technology deals have happened lately with Hewlett Packard likely to buy Palm.

Also SAP is buying database software company Sybase for a total $5.8 billion.

Microsoft constantly reviews potential deals/acquisitions in its 5 key business areas. Klein commented further: We try and think ahead, so that when things happen there is not this big fire drill — ‘Oh my God, somebody bought something.’

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