Australia Unites After #SydneySiege

on December 16, 2014 | Australia | Comments (0)


Over the past 24 hours we have seen a tense hostage standoff in the Sydney CBD – where a lone gunman has taken several hostages inside a busy city cafe.

The incident is now over, 2 hostages were unfortunately killed, and several more injured. From the various reports we have seen an NSW SWAT team enter the cafe at around 2am Sydney time and the gunman was shot dead.

As the public wanted to find out what was going on, and share their thoughts and condolences – 3 hashtags on social media stood out.

  1. #sydneysiege
  2. #prayforsydney
  3. #illridewithyou

#SydneySiege was trending worldwide as people from all around the globe were sharing their thoughts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Many social media users were sharing their condolences for the 2 innocent victims and also looking at this hashtag to find out more information.

#PrayForSydney was another trending tag and people again were sharing their condolences and prayers for the Sydney hostages.

#illridewithyou is a hashtag to support the Muslim population in Australia. Many Muslim’s felt backlash from the general population even though they had nothing to do with the indecent. Rude remarks, staring and generally anti-social behaviour. Australian’s united and came to support the general Muslim population. If you are a Muslim catching a bus or train into the city and feel alienated – there are many people who will share that ride with you to be emotional and social support. Check the hashtag #illridewithyou to see how many Australian’s want to support the general Muslim population.

Unfortunately on a negative note there were some social media users taking selfies at the scene last night, which is extremely insensitive. We won’t draw any further attention to that.

RIP to the victims and condolences to their families.

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