Australia’s Top 10 Brand Pages on Facebook [INFOGRAPHIC]

on September 25, 2012 | Australia | Comments (9)

Have a look at the Top 10 Australian Brand pages on Facebook, and why they have achieved such significant social media growth.

Thanks to Mark Davie from Ross Davie Advertising Agency for sharing this infographic with us.

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  • joe

    Maybe, you should check your requirements before listing them, M&Ms and Quiksilver are both international facebook pages?

  • Just to make the selection criteria more clear… It’s based on sites that consider to be Australian. Their criteria seems to be either an Australian focused page or Australian company.

    “M&M’s Fans” specifically says it is the Australian page in the description and it is connected to @mms_oz twitter. So that would be Australian focused. (but it is confusing because they also have a page titled “M&M’s Australia” as well)

    Companies in which their Facebook pages originated in Australia, but have gone global have been left in the list. These include, icons such as UGG, Quiksilver and Bubble O’ Bill.

    Cheers, Mark.

  • Sounds good – thanks Mark!

  • Samantha Neve

    I would question UGG Australia as an Australian brand. They are in fact owned by a US company ( Deckers Corporation) who have tried to trademark the name UGG Australia.

  • Samantha Neve

    Not sure UGG Australia should be on this list. UGG Australia is a trade name and is in fact owned by a US Company the Deckers Corporation.

  • Samantha Neve

    In my opinion UGG Australia is not an Australian brand, they're actually owned by Deckers Corporation which is a US company.

  • I was interested to know, so I read that Deckers bought UGG Holdings from Brian Smith in 1995, an Australian who had imported UGG boots into the US since 1978. But, since then they have sent cease and desist to other Australian companies for using the UGG name. I'll leave it to you to decide:

    It is no longer Australian. However I wasn't trying to invoke a debate about what should be considered an Australian product. I suppose that's always a talking point. Simply presenting some stats in an interesting way.

  • Ciaran

    Social Bakers isn't 100% accurate. Both Dell Australia ( and Lancome ( have more likes than M&Ms, 3,906,168 and 3,199,814 respectively. I have no vested interest in promoting either of these pages (they are not clients), and I know this because ZenithOptimedia has its own Social Tool to monitor pages.

  • Where is Tourism Aus? Are these just pages that are clients of Social Bakers?