Bald for Bieber

on October 30, 2012 | Social Media | Comments (2)

A fake campaign released earlier this month stating that Justin Bieber has cancer has convinced a countless number of fans to go Bald for Bieber, shaving their heads in support for an unconfirmed rumour.

Although there has been a recent influx of online speculation based on information gathered from a series of unofficial websites, YouTube videos and social networking pages,  no confirmation has been made, and it becomes more and more obvious that fans have been duped into losing their locks.

Furthermore, this article states that members of online community site 4Chan had fabricated the campaign, along with seemingly notable sources to legitimise the rumour, including twitter accounts of Entertainment Tonight and a number of celebrities.

Despite the proof that he does not have cancer, defensive Bieber fans continue to stand their ground and shave their heads.

You can see more images of Bald for Bieber supporters here:

siobhanchapman :

  • Matt Foulger

    Siobhan, how is it "obvious that fans have been duped into losing their locks"? Your evidence is from the hoax website itself. They are posting fake pics in order to trick people into shaving their heads. They have been incredibly successful at convincing media that their hoax is working but I haven't seen any confirmed cases of head shavings as a result of the hoax. The guys who started this at 4chan have duped a ton of people but it appears you're one of them. This might be a good case study for your journalism class. Cheers.

  • shhhvon

    Hi Matt, thanks for your response.
    I have looked extensively and I haven't found any evidence that anyone has actually fallen for the hoax; however I cannot see a reason that people would willingly publicise their mistake, and I know that many of the links have been taken down after it came about that it was a hoax.
    In assuming that all the images have been photoshopped in the first place, how can anything be believed on the internet?
    I will ensure to take this into account in the future articles I write.