Best 10 ways to Thank your Twitter Followers

on July 16, 2010 | Twitter | Comments (0)

Often on Twitter you may get someone Re-Tweeting your update, but saying back to them ‘Thanks for the RT!’ does look a little tacky.

@mentions Thanks!

@mentions Thanks for the RT!

It’s a pretty dull and boring way to communicate over Twitter.

There are better ways to show your gratitude when someone re-tweets one of your updates.

There are several other options you should consider to ‘thank’ your followers. Noone really cares if you say ‘thank you’, they appreciate more meaningful actions.

Here are 10 meaningful gestures to show your appreciation to your Twitter follower:

1- Follow back if I’m not already following

2- Visit their Twitter profile

3- Retweet something noteworthy from their stream

4- Visit their blog or website

5- Subscribe to their blog

6- Comment on a blog post

7- Retweet their blog post

8- Stumble their blog post

9- Vote for their blog post on BlogEngage or Technorati

10- Link to their blog post

I think alot of this falls under basic Twitter etiquette. There are more ways to say thanks, but I think the above 10 are creative and engaging.

Are there any other ways you say thanks to your Twitter followers?

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