Best WordPress Plugins recommended for every blogger

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WordPress is an amazing platform to use for publishing your content in the best way. WordPress can be customized completely according to your requirement. By using WordPress plugins, you can easily extend functionality of your blog with a few clicks. There are thousands of great plugins available freely over the web that you can use according to your needs. Here is a list of must use WordPress plugins for every blogger to get most out of his WordPress blog.

All in One SEO Pack

This plugin optimizes your blog posts to perform better in search engine rankings. It is a must have plugin for every WordPress user. This plugin can surely boost your blog traffic.

WP Supper Cache

This plugin improve loading speed of your blog by caching your blog posts and storing them as static pages. It serves these cached pages when they are loaded instead of building pages from the php code each time that slows down the loading speed.

WP Database Backup

This plugin backup your WordPress blog including your posts, comments and everything on your blog so that you can forget about losing your data. This is a very important plugin and every blogger should use it.

Google Sitemap Generator

This plugin generates XML sitemaps to help you get your blog crawled by search engines easily and quickly. It also pings search engines notifying them to add your latest content whenever you add a new article.

WP PageNavi

This plugin adds a Page Navigation bar at the bottom part of your blog making it easier for users to navigate to older pages of your blog.

Related Posts

This plugin shows related posts to the current post at the bottom of the article. It has many advanced options like excluding some categories, showing articles based on title, tags and content to show most relevant content.

These plugins are very useful and important for every WordPress user. Some themes have already features of some of these plugins like page navigation, related posts and SEO pack, so then you don’t need to install these plugins again, as doing this will surely affect your blog performance. There are thousands of amazing plugins, but you should only use the plugins that you need most and that works best for you. If you want to include, your favorite plugin in this list that you think is must for everyone then feel free to add it through comments, also don’t forget to leave your comments.

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