Bing Social Search shows Twitter Map

on October 13, 2011 | Bing | Comments (1)

Bing has been evolving it’s social search, mainly because they enjoy a close integration with both Twitter and Facebook.

Bing has introduced a new feature whereby you can search Bing Maps for a particular location, and see Tweets in real time occurring in a close proximity.

For example I had a search for Sydney and you can see the screenshot below showing Tweets by users occurring around Sydney CBD.

bing tweets map

To get listed in here I would make sure you have the following option ticked in your Twitter account, and if you are using an iPhone or smart phone – make sure location services are enabled.

Twitter location

This is a neat feature by Bing and I’ve enjoyed checking out various parts in Sydney to see who are the most active users. Maybe I will write a post soon on the most popular areas in Sydney for Twitter use. Inner Sydney seems to be so far.

Go over and have a look at the US as well, so many Tweets!

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  • This is very cool…. Bing is really stepping up to the plate with some neat features. Thanks for the info!