Bing & Yahoo USA Search Market Share Growing, Australia Next?

on April 12, 2011 | Bing Google Yahoo | Comments (0)

According to new stats released by Experian Hitwise – Bing and Yahoo have increased their share of the United States Search Market during March.

According to the figures Bing had 14.32% of the US Search Market, Yahoo had 15.69% (which is now powered by Bing however in Australia Yahoo Search has not switched over to Bing just yet). This is an increase of 6% and 5% respectively. Now Bing and Yahoo hold 30.01% of the US Search Market.

Windows 7 Phone launched and around 2 million handsets have been sold, and these phones have a high level of integration with Bing, Outlook (and Facebook). Although this is not really a huge level that would cause figures to change so drastically it is worth noting.

This is certainly interesting figures and developments by Bing and Yahoo which many may not have expected. Web Marketers can no longer dismiss Bing and Yahoo as a relevant and volume generating traffic source.

Mobile Search is still a huge industry that both Bing and Yahoo have to develop further and their market shares do need improvement.

Now we are seeing trends in the United States that a more competitive search industry is emerging are we going to see a similar trend in Australia? It would be good to see.

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