Build your contact List with Social Media

on August 18, 2010 | Social Media | Comments (0)

If you want to grow your business or find an independent work, the establishment of contacts via social media is essential. The task is enormous, with so much talk and activity on social media sites, but it can be done if navigated efficiently. Take note that others want to do the same, if you are competing for the attention of key contacts in your area. Do not stop trying though. Learning how to stand out from the crowd will help to establish and maintain contacts with people who can open doors and new business opportunities for yourself and your business.

Go Where They Are

Many of the contacts you are looking for are already using social media. For them, it is a way to build their company brand, hire new employees or indirectly sell products and services to their customer base. The first step is to go where they are. Your contacts are not everywhere. Some focus on Facebook and Twitter, while others, like LinkedIn or YouTube. Make a list of all your desired contacts, companies and organisation – write down the channels of social media that are active.

Develop Your Plan to Engage

Once you know where they are, you must develop a plan to participate in their social arena. Your plan should match the type of activity of the contacts you are looking to engage with. For example, if one of your contacts loves to chat, and likes to participate in conversations on Twitter, your strategy should join and interact in as many conversations with them as possible. Want to be subtle, but also so interesting that your contact can’t resist in replying to you in social conversation.

If your contact is video marketing, and little or no comments are shown to provide comments to the videos posted, then you are the person to do so. Return will be appreciated, and will respond to your questions about the video. You can then capitalise on chance to build a relationship. If you take time to engage and interact on social channels, the relationship from that will follow in time.

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