Claim your Facebook Email Address Now

Facebook previously started rolling out ‘Facebook Messages’ to many US users. This enabled Facebook users to create and claim their own personal email address.

Many Australian’s are now reporting that they can also access this feature as Facebook rolls out this change to other countries.

If you would like to claim your on free email address, goto your Messages Inbox.

There should then be a link: Claim your Facebook email


This is an interesting move by Facebook as they will now be competing with regular webmail services like Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail.

Whilst the FB email system may not have the full suite of features as specific webmail clients, no doubt the service will be continually upgraded and refined over time. It will be interesting to see the uptake of the FB email accounts. Maybe you only use the internet thesedays to check your email and go on Facebook – now all this can be done in the one place.

This move will surely cement Facebook as the global social network to keep connected with your Family and Friends, and their quest for new products and services.

David Cowling :

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  • Hi David – I'm unable to claim my email address on facebook still – no such option exists. Are you sure it's available to everyone in Australia? Cheers, Mariah

  • Hi Mariah,

    Several other people in Oz have reported to me this feature is available to them.

    If you don't have access to this yet, I image soon it will become available shortly.

    Keep an eye out!



  • I was asked to claim mine, but my name is already gone 🙁 why do we always end up going last in AU?