CommPsych 2013: The Event to Revolutionise Your Strategy

Each year, more than 100 trillion emails are sent – with this number rising annually by around 10 per cent. The huge number of emails we receive, even on an individual level, is overwhelming. Along with the development of new channels of communication and amount of organisations trying to use these channels to reach their audience – consumers are now dealing with message overload. As a result, the concept of message fatigue has developed, leaving communications professionals at a loss as to how to effectively reach their audience in an over-saturated market.

Filtering the many messages we receive as consumers to reach those we deem relevant and interesting to us is a time-consuming and sometimes exasperating task, with the converse issue for media, marketing and communications professionals – how to create the perfect message to cut through all the clutter?

Professionals in this industry are now turning to new strategies in an attempt to understand their audience – and taking into account research and scientific findings in this area can revolutionise a previously ineffective strategy. Driving this change is the field of Media Psychology – allowing professionals to gain an insight into how consumers respond, interpret, recognise and use media.

Developing an awareness of Media Psychology in order to gain an intimate understanding of your audience will become an essential requirement for media, marketing and communications professionals – particularly an understanding of their media usage, behaviours, preferences and decision-making process. Having a good grip of this understanding will ensure a powerful internal and external communications or marketing strategy.

An expert in Communications and a Professor at University of Technology Sydney, Jim MacNamara’s specialty is in understanding the various psychological and sociological factors that influence communications strategies – including semiotics and rhetoric. As a key presenter at the CommPsych 2013 Forum, Jim will discuss these approaches in more depth and explain how they can be applied to your communications or marketing strategy.

Taking a more in-depth scientific approach, Dr Shane Moon, Managing Director at Inner Truth will illustrate how new technologies such as brain activity measurements (EEG) and eye-tracking devices can assist in improving your reach and effectiveness.

Featuring key sessions from Google’s Henning Dorstewitz, Global Communications and Public Affairs Manager, Vessa Playfair at Deloitte, and Adam Good at Telstra, CommPsych 2013 is a must-attend.

Equipped with an awareness and understanding of new technologies to reach and communicate with target audiences, media, marketing and communications professionals will be able to make more informed and evidence-based decisions to lead more effective campaigns.

CommPsych 2013 will examine how a deeper understanding of human dynamics and Media Psychology can be explored to create more pervasive and effective campaigns. Delegates will hear different approaches and perspectives from presenters in communication roles in a variety of industries, as well as experts in the field of psychology and neuroscience who will share their thoughts and experiences. Through case studies, expert presentations and workshops, they will provide insightful and applicable tools from their experiences that will assist in creating immediate value and impact in media and communication activities.

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Join your industry peers in the discussion – and learn how to successfully capture the attention of your audience on the 12 & 13 March 2013, at Pullman Hyde Park Sydney.

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