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on January 23, 2012 | Marketing | Comments (0)

The world of SEO has changed, no longer can you optimise title tags to get a good search engine ranking – it really is about building a high number of high quality inbound links. This alone can take you to the top of Google rankings.

So should you devote all your time on SEO to building links? We’ll not all of your time but most of it in my opinion. Going out and asking people for links looks cheap and will often be a waste of time.

Many businesses are now using Content Marketing to push out content to the internet in an effort to attract eyeballs and inbound links. But to get the links the content has to be high quality and unique, otherwise it’s not much different to all the other content out there.

So what are the various type of Content Marketing forms we can use?

1. Whitepapers

Whitepapers are often reports and research conducted by a professional or subject matter expert.

If you release a whitepaper this will give your business credibility and will draw in interest from industry professionals looking for detailed research in your social-media-marketingniche. High quality content like this will surely attract users and links to your content.

2. Blogs

As with whitepapers, you can release smaller research in the form of a blog post. This is a little more casual but if done correctly can still draw in links from relevant and related sites. Eg our monthly social media statistics always gets a good number of inbound links every month.

3. Video Blogs

Blogging is good, what about Video Blogging?

Using video for blogging and also content marketing is still under utilised. If you have the skills start making videos (it’s really not hard – Windows Media player and YouTube can do the job – this is what we use).

We now release a Video Blog every week and this brings in a good amount of traffic and also inbound links. Is anyone in your niche video blogging? If not, get onto it asap!

4. E-Books

Releasing e-books is another way to people onto your site and downloading your content. Often you will be able to get an email address from that user as part of the download process.

You will find other industry professionals may link to your e-book if you are providing quality unique content for your industry.

5. Infographics

Infographics are hard to make, lets be honest. But if you can make a high quality infograph this will get lots of social media sharing, inbound links and traffic – Quickly!

We make an infograph on Social Media Growth Australia – 2011 [INFOGRAPH] and it has been one of the most popular articles we’ve ever produced. Look at your industry – are people making infographics? if not can you be one of the first?

Advanced Infographic SEO Tip – today I’ll share a more advanced SEO tip I have noticed people are doing with infographics.

1. A website will create an infographic and promote it heavily, eg my infographic above.

2. That company will wait a good amount of time for links to be built to this infographic.

3. After an amount of time (maybe 4 weeks), that company will get that infograph URL and 301 (permanent) redirect it through to the homepage of their site, eg will 301 redirect to

Why? This will pass most (90% +) of the link power from the infographic page to the homepage.

4. Repeat the process over and over. I’ve notice gambling, casino sites etc doing this. It certainly is a smart idea and a way to get quality links consistently, and fast – but not something I am doing at this stage as I want the content piece and not just link power.


There are many different forms and types of content marketing you can engage in. In my opinion it’s best to try as many different types as you can to see what works for your business.

Use content marketing for SEO, getting more website traffic and increasing your subscription count – all adding value to your website.

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