Do you need a Corporate Blog?

on January 23, 2012 | Blog | Comments (0)

Many companies are asking themselves – Do we need a Corporate Blog?

Blogging has become so mainstream, many small, medium and large companies have corporate blogs – so how do you know if your business needs a blog?

social media blog
In fact many businesses are creating their own blog just because ‘it’s what everyone else is doing’.

This is obviously not the ideal approach, ask yourself the following questions and then determine if corporate blogging is the best path for you:

1. Who is my target audience? Is the blogosphere in this niche saturated or would a new player be welcomed?

2. What do we as a business want to get out of the blog? More leads for business? How much are we paying per lead at the moment?

3. Are you looking to increase your web presence? Having a blog will boost your websites SEO and you will be able to target new keywords through blog articles that you may not have previously been able to target.

4. Are your current marketing and branding expenses significant? You may be able to reduce these costs by focusing time on your blog instead.

5. Do you want to build a closer relationship with your customers and clients? Giving them an open and public dialogue to speak with you will definitely help drive engagement and return visitors to your website.

If you decide to start a corporate blog, make sure you measure the ROI from the time spent on blogging.

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