[HUGE] Facebook and Twitter Integrate

Twitter has announced that it is bringing major updates to their connections with Facebook and LinkedIn.

A new Facebook app has been created – the Twitter app for Facebook.

This allows you to post your Tweets onto your Facebook profile, lets you see which of your Facebook friends are on Twitter – and even follow them if you want – all from inside your Facebook account.

This new feature is a big step in getting more active and relevant users/followers on your Twitter account.

It seems this has been a popular inclusion as there are already reports of problems on Twitter and some downtime as the app is getting used at a great rate.

This could open a whole new wave of privacy issues, what if you do not want your friends to find you on Twitter?

Last month Twitter and LinkedIn did a similar deal where you could follow people on your LinkedIn contact list on Twitter.

UPDATE: it seems Facebook may realise the possible privacy issues and alot of users are getting the following message when using this app now:

“An error has occurred because Facebook has blocked your ability to allow this application to look up your friends. Twitter has requested that Facebook remove the block.”

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