Facebook Celebrates 10th Birthday – A Look Back Over The Past 10 Years

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On the 4th of February, 2004 – TheFacebook went live to college students at Harvard University. Today, over 1.2 billion people from all around the world use Facebook to connect with family, friends and organisations.

Let’s have a look back at Facebook over the past 10 years and their major milestones.

Feb 2004 – Service launched
Dec 2004 – 1 Million members
Oct 2005 – Facebooks starts opening the service to users outside the US
Oct 2005 – Photos launched
Apr 2006 – Facebook Mobile released
Sep 2006 – Newsfeed launched
Sep 2006 – Facebook now allows anyone to join the site, no longer exclusive to college networks
Nov 2007 – Self-service ads launched
Feb 2009 – Like Button launched
July 2010 – Services reaches 500 million members
Sep 2011 – Timeline/ Opengraph launched
Apr 2012 – Acquires Instagram
May 2012 – IPO
Oct 2012 – 1 Billion monthly users
Feb 2014 – 1.23 Billion monthly users

We all know Facebook is a phenomenal internet company so what will the company do in their next 10 years?

Mark Zuckerberg is committed to connecting the world, and he shared this Facebook post about the 10 years of service:

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