Facebook Deals come to Australia

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Facebook Deals have come to Australia and Commonwealth Bank, KFC, 7 Eleven, and Westfield are the first major brands to offer deals.

With these deals you generally need to Check-in via Facebook places to the appropriate venue, then you are eligible for a special Facebook Deal.

Getting Setup

Firstly you want to make sure your Facebook is all setup correctly to show local deals.

1. Goto

2. Login to your Facebook account then click the Find Deals near you Subscribe Button

3. You then get to confirm your location.

Facebook Deals location Australia
Facebook can then notify you in the future of upcoming local deals.

Commonwealth Bank

Commonwealth Bank is offering 2 free movie passes to any new customer who opens a new Everyday Account, checks-in to a branch then shows Commbank staff their smartphone for deal redemption – this can only be done during business hours.

commonwealth bank facebook deal

The Commonwealth Bank Facebook fanpage is at:

KFC Australia 

It looks as though KFC Australia are offering deals to customers who check-in in-store.

KFC deals Australia

You can find the KFC Australia Facebook fanpage at:

7 Eleven

7 Eleven convenience stores are currently offering a Facebook deal of: $1 for a 450ml Coke when you check-in in-store.

facebook 7 Eleven deals Australia

It seems to be quite popular so far!

Facebook 7 Eleven deal comments Australia

You can find the 7 Eleven Facebook fanpage at:

Westfield Australia 

Westfield are now offer deals at various Shopping centre locations across Australia.

To check out their current deals see the ‘Locations’ tab on their fanpage.

westfield facebook deals australia

It seems individual Westfield Shopping centres are offer different sort of Facebook deals. You can find the Westfield Fanpage at:

It will be interesting to see how the Facebook Deals system matures against established players like Foursquare and Gowalla. Considering the sheer size of Facebook and the number of people who check-in at resturants, cafes, shopping centres, movies cinemas etc on their smartphones –  I am sure Facebook will get a large number of users looking to try some deals. This could potentially become another revenue stream depending how successful the product is.

As a result of this – no doubt many more businesses over the coming months will want to experiment with FB Deals. This will be particularly attractive to retail, food service and hospitality businesses who can leverage customers in-store and getting them to promote that product/brand via social media.

Big businesses has again lead the way, but I am sure many small businesses in food service currently promoting on Geolocations Apps Foursquare / Gowalla will be early adopters of Facebook deals. Businesses globally are already marketing via Facebook and incorporating Social Commerce onto the site, new location based deal products will surely only increase their relevance.

If we find any more interesting Facebook deals coming across Australia we will be sure to let you know.

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