Facebook Launches Global Pages with Country Localisation

on October 19, 2012 | Facebook | Comments (1)

Facebook have announced that their Global pages product is coming soon, which will allow you to have 1 Fan-page but send different messages to users in different locations.

This means brands can concentrate on promoting one particular Fan-page  but still be able to send the right messages to targeted, local audiences.

Here is an example of how a page is translated into a different language for users in a different country:

Some large companies have had early (beta) access to the feature for many months, such as Microsoft Windows.

You can see this update below is custom, this has been shared with a certain audience location.

Facebook will translate the page name and content to match the users country, through the Bing Translator. This is great for companies who only have English speaking staff but are looking to promote into other markets.

This will obviously uniform Facebook marketing for many international companies. If you already have different fanpages for different regions, they can be merged across to the main page. Speak with your local Facebook reps about this.

It’s important to note this update is for larger companies and won’t be available for small business just yet (as the need may not be there) – but regardless this is a good step in the right direction for International Marketers.

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